Welcome to The 100waysto100K Toolkit

The complete science-based, psychology-backed system for structuring your business and propelling you to your first or next 100K in the most effortless way possible. Best part? It uses principles of Cognitive Intuition, so you don't build a business you hate with every cell of your being.


A groundbreaking method to plan your business so that it not only makes you money but also delights you. The DCT matrix will give you a never-seen-before framework to structure your business based on the principles of Intuitive cognition. With this new way of thinking you will never get stuck with a one-size-fits-none strategy that makes you want to puke in a purse.

VIDEO #2. 100Waysto100K Mix

My secret system that virtually guarantees you will create offers that sell themselves PLUS helps you create a portfolio of irresistible offers that ensures life-long repeat buyers. You will be introduced to so many different offers and positioning angles that your only problem will be getting them all out while still managing to sleep.

VIDEO #3. The 100K Reverse Engineer Tool

A simple revenue calculator that you can use to reverse engineer your target revenue for next week, next month or even the next year. Having this tool in your arsenal means that you will never again be shooting in the dark and know exactly what the next week, month or year brings.

The Course has Ended but The Journey Has Only Just Started

Become a Persuasion powerhouse by diving into some hand picked persuasion shots below.  If you sell anything or plan to sell anything, these psychological insights will be priceless for you

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Sold Out Launch is a Science-Backed, Psychology-Based end-to-end system that gives you everything you need to go from no-idea to a Sold Out Launch and this is your chance to be one of the first through the doors

Sold Out Launch System Works...Here's Proof

Gianny Spent $127 on Facebook Ads & Made $8,000 With Her Launch

I’d had three crappy launches before and made a total of 1500 dollars. Following this system, I more than tripled my results. I’m from the Dominican Republic and speak Spanish. You don’t have to be from the US or UK to succeed, you just need a solid system.

Gianny Liranzo  //  Award Winning Blogger

Dottie sold 4 high-end service products to total strangers on the first day of launch.

I followed Bushra's system to a T and it was so easy to target a completely cold audience because it reduces the stress and overwhelm, and takes the guesswork out of it.

DOTTIE REYNOLDS  //  Facebook Ads Ace