Want Your Personalized Sold Out Launch Roadmap?

Take This 3 Minute Assessment to Generate Your Own Unique Launch Strategy Based on Your Strengths, Brand Equity, Audience Size, and Time Availability.

Because there’s nothing worse than having to force-fit yourself into a too-tight, too-weird launch that some lame-ass guru insists is THE ONE.

Who Am I & Why You Should Listen to Me?

Hey, I’m Bushra,  your launch sensei, and a mad scientist when it comes to sold-out launches, consumer psychology and creating awe-inspiring rejection proof offers that make people want to throw their wallets at your face.

I have created this assessment based on my experience working with thousands of people, generating millions of dollars, and seeing in real-time how buyer behaviors have changed in the last few months. The personalized strategies you will get here are based on my own real-time-relevant-right-now experience and are things that all businesses need in order to survive, thrive & downright dominate their industries in a post-corona world.