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Sold Out Launch Hall of Fame

A growing list of successful products & launches created using The Sold Out Launch System (NINE MONTH PROGRESS)


Carly Richards

Carly Richards has created a Mums in Business Blueprint Action Plan so you can plan your business growth for the next three months in under 2 hours without searching every crevice of your overused tired Mum brain to remember every business detail during the process. http://zackandmolly.co.uk/sales-page/

PollyAnna Brown

PollyAnna Brown, the Biz Fairy Godmother™, has created her signature program, The Storytelling Marketing Formula™, teaching you how to leverage your X-Factor using Storytelling Marketing™ to increase your sales, build a community of brand ambassadors, and get PR that’ll make your biz toes curl, without selling your soul or your first born child.  http://storytellingmarketingformula.com/launch-page…

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Jen Turrell

Jen Turrell has created the Money Matters Mastermind  so you can  set up your financial system to eliminate fees, interest and junk spending, negotiate better rates and deals, and automate your payments so you are never late again, it’s the same affect as giving yourself a raise! http://jenturrell.ontrapages.com/mmm

Mandy O’Neill

Mandy O’Neill will take you by the hand in one 3-hour LIVESTREAM master class, to write all your perfectly persuasive sales emails that convert. https://mandy.clickfunnels.com/perfectly-persuasive…

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Sue Patterson

Sue Patterson’s special coaching package, Stress-Free Start, provides new homeschoolers/unschoolers with 90 minutes of guidance and coaching, a jam-packed PDF workbook with everything you need, AND a follow-up session 2 weeks later.

Kelly Lynn

Kelly Lynn has created The After 5 Club Business Building Minicourse for 9 to 5’ers who want to build and grow their side businesses along side their 9 to 5’s in 30 days or less. Officially launching on Tuesday! https://minicourse.theafterfiveclub.com/

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Jonathan Tilley

Jonathan Tilley has created the course Website Makeover Masterclass: the easiest way to makeover your website into a gorgeous and responsive brand – in 2 short weeks – without throwing your computer against the wall. Www.websitemakeovermasterclass.com

Shun Jackson

Shun Jackson has created The High Performing Business Framework-The Ultimate Guide to Improving Business Peformance & Positioning your Company for Growth.

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Rita is a career makeover strategist for expat women, and she has created G.R.O.W. Abroad for all the “trailing spouses” around to world, to finally lock down their passions, purpose and profit and reinvent their careers overseas.

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Annemiek Van Helsdingen

Annemiek Van Helsdingen shares essential skills for Soul-based Coaching in the Essential Coaching Questions Masterclass. Tap straight into essence for your clients, enable quick and aligned shifts, follow them into the fabric of their soul, without having to know their answers. These questions Invoke Your Client’s Magic http://www.coachinggems.com/masterclass-essential-coaching-questions/


Capture, Spy, Track, and Reclaim every visitor to your website 100% of the time. PLUS you can easily set it up in 30 minutes or less (without face-planting on your keyboard in tech frustration) by following Samantha’s step by step Traffic Reclaim Lab Mini Course.

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Dr. Milstein

Dr. Milstein is a Scientist, Researcher, and Professional Speaker who makes cutting-edge Health and Wellness research approachable. He is sharing his top tips on how to use cutting-edge brain science to master the art of restful sleep

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Karen has Recipes from Scattered to Sleek – Turn your random collection of recipes into a powerful database that let’s you plan, shop and prepare mouthwatering, kid-friendly meals with the snap (click) of a finger! http://www.recipetransformation.com/rt-vip/

Kylie Ansett

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your new book – smashing through the Amazon canopy: Kylie Ansett, the bestseller book whisperer, will help you hack the heck out of the Amazon system and take your book to the top with the ease and determination of a chimpanzee on a banana finding frenzy.

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Tina Hay

Lady Bosses are you ready to own who YOU are? Get ready to explode your business with my Lady Boss Marketing Mastermind. A combination of one on one with me, group training, other Lady Boss babes and a shit tonne of support to help you get over your shit and start making the money you deserve. Book in a free call

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The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130

Wedding planning left you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, like you’re flying by the seat of your Spanx? Burst out the bubble bath and fire up the martini shaker as the The Lazy Bride’s Dirty 130 is here to save the day (and money and time) with valuable wedding tips and tricks from one of the top wedding planners in the world. http://lazybridedirty130.com

Jae Haeri

You’re saying, HELL NO! There’s no way I can overcome the fears and doubts and all the other CRAP that’s holding me back from the business of my dreams. Well, I’m saying, YOU SURE AS HELL CAN! And I’ll help you. You’ll get unparalleled support and an absolute guarantee in this no-Fail, 5-Day Fast-Action Bootcamp where we will turn that idea you have swirling in your head into a money-making smart-marketed machine. Get on board before Early Bird pricing ends! http://monetizeyoursuperpower.com/index.php/earlybird/

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Michelle Evans

How FREAKING AMAZING would your business be if you knew EXACTLY what to change in your marketing to attract new clients easily? Wish no more! Grab your Marketing System Health Check: Your personalized strategy to attract a swarm of perfect clients to your business.

Cathy Morrissey

Calling All Renovators, Interior Designers & Property Stylists……. Are You Still Trying To ‘DIY’ Everything In Your Property Business & your not making the income you desire? It’s time to stop that! And create the renovation/interior design or property styling business AND the impact YOU want to create in the world. The 5 Rules of Renovation is OPEN! Find out more here: http://therenovationcollege.com.au/5-rules/

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Sue Crites

Need more energy and less stress? Get Your FREE Guide to calm your mind and body in two minutes or less using a simple breathing technique!

Sherlynne Beach

Realize more dreams and goals faster by easily becoming a Vision Board Genius so you can create, activate, upgrade and accelerate your dream achieving magnetism using http://VisionBoardGenius.com  AND implement it in less time than it takes to style your hair

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Angela Langlotz

Trademark Attorney Angela Langlotz shows you the easiest way to protect yourself against content thieves and ripoff artists, so you can launch your product confidently, knowing that the product of your blood, sweat, and tears is protected by the Launch Protection Program.

Kim Bolsover

The smartest way to revive a flagging business in just 90 days without needing an oxygen mask or a trip to the Emergency Unit. Make the magic happen, create the business of your dreams, and become the influential leader you were always meant to be with Kim Bolsover’s Fabulous Women of Influence Mastermind. http://kimbolsover.com/

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Joyful Sparks

Before the clock strikes midnight on the new year, you could be free of your overwhelm and living your luminous life – without blowing everything up or covering yourself in glow sticks.

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Jodi Sodini

Building your website yourself will NOT be scary, confusing or leave you feeling like Helen Keller in a corn maze when you join my DIY Website In A Week online course. Be the first to know when it launches!

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Valeria Chuba

Pleasure-Smart Masterclass for Women: get more sexual pleasure, passion and connection in your intimate relationship using the 3 Step Pleasure-Smart Framework – created by Dr. Valeria Chuba, board certified Clinical Sexologist and Sensual Confidence Coach:


Make 200% more money in your business – without hustling your tail off or staring at confusing spreadsheets – in just 10 minutes a week with The Revenue Routine:

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Toni L. Brown

Duplicate your ASSets in 90 days, with my Carbon-Copy Me Course Creation formula- self cloning has never been so easy. Get videos, content capture sheets, delivery content swipe files, tech templates for each step to accelerate your course creation process. In 90 days you will walk away with a fully done course ready to be viewed on small screens world-wide.

Adriana Carballo

Adriana Carballo from Powerful Moms has created the 3 Daily Habits Journal for busy moms to stop feeling drained and frustrated so that you can stay focused on your highest priorities and feel excited about your day. Check it out here http://www.adrianacarballo.com/3dailyhabits

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Yasmin Vorajee

Yasmin Vorajee has developed the Easy Email Course Creation Workshop, a simple way to attract new leads and customers using an online course without getting overwhelmed with technology or using video. Check it out here http://www.createyourcoursewithyasmin.com/easy-email…/

Shun Jackson

Shun Jackson has developed The Total Purpose Makeover, an actionable masterclass, that helps business owners develop a framework for better decision making so that they can begin to improve operations and position their business for more growth opportunities. Check it out here at

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Toni L Brown

Creating Your Classroom Academy the one-stop shop for creating your online classroom, be prepared to steal my Carbon-Copy Me Method to identify your course content, create your lessons and launch your course in 90 days using information you know and love. Enroll here http://www.creatingyourclassroom.com/join-cyca, where we change the world one captivating course at a time.

Liz Chen

Liz Chen has created the Isometric Mama: Quickstart 6 week exercise jumpstart for busy new moms using the world’s fastest at-home exercises that you can do even if you feel like your new baby is superglued to you, so that you can be DONE with your workout in 5 minutes a day without needing to hire a sitter to go to the gym; check it out at

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Demi has developed the Proven 90 Day Plan that will get you 1,000+ targeted subscribers to your email list so that you can finally have your very own community of adoring fans and loyal clients. Check it out

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Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson has developed the Year End Tax Planning Masterclass that will help you reduce your stress around your business finances and answer some of your biggest finance questions so that in April you don’t have to scramble and be stressed just to file your yearly tax return. Sign up for the LIVE masterclass at

Olivia Angelescu

Olivia Angelescu has created “The Ultimate Guest Posting Blueprint for the BUSY entrepreneur”- How to find the best websites you can be featured on in under 20 minutes, write an article they will be grateful for and turn their readers into your followers FAST. Check it out here: http://training.passioncreativitybusiness.com/guest…/

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Daniel Harvath

Daniel Harvath has developed a FREE Terms & Conditions Legal Template so you can protect your online business without using your kids’ college fund to hire a team of overpriced lawyers! Check it out HERE https://goo.gl/xIHKKG

Amethyst Mahoney

Think Facebook groups are dead? Think again! Amethyst Mahoney has developed a Free 15 Step Guide to help you create your perfect community so that you can get clients now: http://amethystmahoney.com/facebook-guide/

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Candice has developed “Slay Your Sales + Build Your Empire” helping network marketers to quickly scale their business to $5k months & rapidly grow their downline so that you can finally take those holidays, upscale your lifestyle and wake up to freedom everyday.
http://bit.ly/2cexXHx <<

Pacita Florida

Pacita Florida has developed Restart Your Career On Line, a step-by-step guide for starting an online business that is as easy as “Paint By Number” for generation X and baby boomers so that they can create a business that they love and are true to themselves even if they think they are too old or tech-challenged. Check it out here:

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Alison Pena

Alison Pena has developed 5 Secrets to Reclaim Yourself After Loss, Heartbreak or Failure, for suffering entrepreneurs now ready to trust themselves, make powerful decisions and embrace new opportunities again. Grab your FREE 5 Secrets here:  http://bit.ly/ReclaimYourself


Kimberly has developed Boundary Building 2.0 that teaches you how dump other peoples crappy energy and repel toxic relationships so that you can enjoy your family and the holidays again. Check it out here http://www.boundarybuilding.com/sales-page/

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Angela Hatch

Angela Hatch has created The Pricing is Right which helps professional photographers create profitable pricing without stressing out and making more money while working less and creating a profitable photography business today! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2enfzxW

Leah Harvath

Leah Harvath has created a free cheat sheet “10 Things You Need To Start Making Videos Now” that will show you how easy it is to start making videos so you can find your voice, connect with you audience, rock your business and rule the world! Check it out here:http://videomamas.com/10-things-video-page/

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Dottie Reynolds

Dottie Reynolds has developed Unpixelate Your Facebook Ads which helps you to find the people, products, and pages to target to get your ads in front of those most likely to click, signup, & buy so that you get in front of new audiences, locate more of your clients, & generate some instant cash flow! Check it out here:

Dounia Lk

Dounia Lk has developed the Money Reading that reveals your money code in 30 minutes so that you can start manifesting more money in life (happy moneyfesting, baby!) Check it out here:www.themoneyreading.com

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Andra Carmina

Andra Carmina has developed the program {MindSet for Success} which showcases the most effective way to establish a successful, life-changing business using Growth Mindset & Universal Principles so you can be worthy of the big bucks, live the life that you desire & were made for, and change the world, one client at a time. Check it out here:

Christina Swanson

Christina Swanson has developed “List Like a Pro” which helps handmade sellers create product listings that turn browsers into buyers, so that you can increase your Etsy Shop engagement, traffic & sales in 30 days. Check it out here:

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James Krener

James Krener has developed Know Your Numbers that helps you understand the accounting process so that you never worry about your accounting again. Check it out here https://krenerbookkeeping.com/know-your-numbers-page

Lisa Nokes

Lisa Nokes has written the Must-Have book of 2016. Wisdom, Wit, and Whimsy will challenge your thinking (and your perceptions) without judgment or ultimatums so that you experience mindset shifts and changes in perspective that allow you to “change your world, one epiphany at a time.”

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Shamanth Pereira

Shamanth Pereira has developed an improved fashionable medical grade compression leggings that provides a slimming effect and instantly makes you look good and feel good, its a legging that you can wear from dawn to dusk and you can wear it even while you are transitioning between sizes! Particularly great for new mums who want to quickly heal the post baby tummy and keep everything in tact! Check it out here http://blank-start-from-scratch-35.kickoffpages.com

Marisa Niparts

Marisa Niparts has created ManifestM3, the 45-minute solution to manifest anything you want with the Law of Attraction even if you’ve tried every affirmation, meditation and vision board out there, so you stop just *knowing how* to manifest and instead manifest your desires like Leo DiCaprio just did his Oscar – FINALLY! Switch on effortless manifestation at: http://manifestm3.com/

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Pascale Giordano

Being Happy never goes out of style, but we all need a little help at times! Pascale Giordano has created the” Jump Start Your Happiness” Group Coaching Program, so you start 2017 Happy, Excited and Full of Energy for a Successful year! Check it out here: http://pascalegiordano.com/jumpstart-your-happiness/

Donna Brown

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of the best experts in the online industry and ask them your burning questions WITHOUT having to sit through boring webinars or sign up for a thousand different programs? Now you can! Donna Brown has created the FREE Blast Off Business Accelerator Mastermind Series. Move your business forward quickly. Sessions are kept to under 20 people for maximum impact and after Feb 6th will be by invitation only. Sign up now to maintain free access:

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Shamanth Paramasibam

Do you think a career break equals career suicide even though you were a successful professional previously? Want to skip to the head of the resume pile even if your last job description was ‘mummy’. Introducing the Career 2.0 Jumpstart the only method guaranteed to get you 3 interviews in 30 days even if you only have 2 hours a week to spend on landing your next dream job. Download the unconventional method to relaunching your career (http://thecareer2.com) where she shares the 4 steps you can take right now to successfully relaunch your career and jump ahead in the interview queue.

Wendy Cohen

Wendy Cohen, radiance coach and holistic dietitian-nutritionist is giving you Two Essential Radiance Rituals for skin that glows, a face that exudes youth and a body that radiates energy in 2 weeks or less without Photoshop, surgery or blowing your inheritance on Sephora. Best part? These rituals take less than 15 minutes each (one just takes 2 minutes) and the payoff is worth millions. These 2 rituals are part of her paid offering coming soon. She’s feeling generous today. All yours. All free. No commitments. Get your hands on these as fast as you can. http://radiancerituals.com/optin/

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Lucy May

Lucy May from The Organic Cookery School has created The Community Cookery School Business Academy, which is both a standalone training and an opportunity to join her social enterprise as an accredited cookery and nutrition tutor. This is the only toolkit you need to set up and launch your ethical children’s cookery business without months of research and spending a fortune on local advertising. https://www.organiccookeryschool.org/business-academy

Alp Turan

Alp Turan has created Fast50 for online businesses, which will show you a dead-simple & often-ignored system for getting a 50% optin rate in 48 hours without doing any heavy lifting (for real). We’ll get your ideal buyer to craft the perfect opt-in offer FOR YOU, while you (mostly) sit back, watch Netflix and still get all the credit as a marketing genius. http://fast50optins.com/course/

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Indira Pierrot

Indira Pierrot has a FREE 5 day Perfect Presenter Challenge to help you create your next sales presentation (online & in-person) that establishes instant trust & allows you to overcome every possible objection even before they are voiced. Her Unique MMS method shows you how to position yourself as an authority without sounding like an arrogant know-it-all and to leave an unforgettable impression on your audience The challenge goes live on February 6th and you can register here indirapierrot.com/challenge

Keri Yang

Keri Yang has created Camera Ready Makeup for Videos and Livestreams– Spend less than 5 minutes putting on makeup to look like a million bucks for your next Facebook Live! Get instant FREE access to my Magnetic Makeup tutorial  http://speakingstylist.com/makeup

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Kristy Yang

Kristy Yang is an award-winning and internationally published photographer who teaches you how to get the most magnetic branding photo that reflects your true self on a budget & with just your smart phone! Sign up now to get the insider scoop. http://kristyyangphotography.com/about.html

Arkamitra Roy

Arkamitra Roy has created ‘The Client MatchMaker’, an easy-to-understand-and-implement system which helps you find the RIGHT clients for your business (any business), so that you don’t flush down your hard earned money, effort and time on whiners, freebie hunters, dramaqueens and know-it-alls. You can check it out here – https://cultofcustomers.com/clientmatchmaker/

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Maayan Naveh

Maayan Naveh has created Perfect Your Etsy SEO which helps tiny Etsy shops 10x their sales in 90 minutes WITHOUT selling their firstborn. You can check it out here: http://www.theetsyrevolution.com/perfect-etsy-seo-vip/perfect-your-etsy-seo-live-masterclass-bushra-vip/

Kylie Russell

Kylie Russell has created ‘Beat Belly Bloat in Just 7 Days’ which is your saving grace if you spend your entire day sucking in your belly just to fit into your clothes. If you want to ditch your Spanx and fit back into your skinny jeans in just one week, join my Flat Belly Fan Club and beat that bloating right here http://foodmoodandmore.com/beat-belly-bloat/

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Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Gahmya Drummond-Bey has created the MADE for the Stage: Overnight Success Program to teach you exactly how to book your TEDx talk even if it’s last minute. Not only has she booked 4 TEDx talks for herself, in several countries, but also assisted others in speaking on stages all over the world. http://mastermind.theslaybox.com/made/

Carlene Saelg

Carlene Saelg has created the 7 Day “No-Diet” Craving Crush Meal Plan which helps you lose weight without the dreaded restrictions of dieting! You eat real food with only 2 simple rules. You’ll get results, tools, support and bonuses to ensure your success. You can check it out: http://powerfullymade.com/7-day-craving-crush/

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