Hall of Fame

Sold Out Launch Hall of Fame

A growing list of successful products & launches created using The Sold Out Launch System (12 MONTH PROGRESS)


Katie Burns

Katie Burns and Galina Dolya have created Key to Learning @Home, to give your 3-6 year-old child the best education and preparation for life in the world – a unique, play- and story-based program based on years of professional research and practice, for exceptional development of learning abilities, in only 20 minutes a day in your homeschool or after school. You can check it out here www.keytolearningathome.com

Amber Khan

Amber Khan has created a Buyer Attraction 101 Cheatsheet on the science behind attracting your EXACT buyer in 48 hours or less without filling out multi-page customer identification templates, surveying your entire neighbourhood or interviewing your unborn child! You can check it out here ===>>http://bit.ly/Buyer_Attraction

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Amber Grace

Amber Grace has created Homepage That Hugs: A 28-page playbook for creating a homepage experience that matches your brand using the power of copy following a simple 3-part framework, ‘The Law of Welcoming’, the missing 13th universal law. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/homepagehugs

Susan Jagannath

Susan Jagannath has created ‘Get that Book Right Out of your Head’ which sets you on the fast track from Nobody to Authority to boom your business and utterly destroy your impostor syndrome. You can check it out here http://bit.ly/NbAuth

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Paula Vexlir

Paula Vexlir, clinical psychologist, has created THE solution for the EXPAT MOM! Your struggles communicating with your expat child end today!!! You will learn how to support your children’s emotional IDENTITY & develop strong ROOTS. You will also get the communication tools & techniques to ensure they really LISTEN when you talk (yes, that can happen!!!). Don’t miss this great opportunity only available here: www.english.expatpsi.com/ic-early-bird/

Mary Simms

Award-winning publicist Mary Simms has created a live on-camera publicity and FREE PR training workshop for business owners. You’ll learn the PR resource that will light your inbox up with daily media queries; the essential rule you MUST know before pitching to podcasts, blogs, and top-tier media outlets; steal her pitch formula to create a story that is irresistible to producers, writers, editors, and directors. And, discover how you can scale your business with publicity and an introduction to her 5-step formula for turning media mentions into paying clients. Register at: http://prinfluencers.com/5-days-to-media-mentions-course-course-creators/

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Julia Nobel

Julia Nobel has created the Fab Five Pages Masterclass which gives authors a simple approach to writing a killer first chapter so that readers (and agents!) are begging you for more. This masterclass includes feedback on your first five pages so you’ll know exactly how to tackle them when you revise. Check it out here: http://julianobel.com/fab-five-pages-masterclass/

Lindsay Padilla

Lindsay Padilla (AKA The Rebel Professor) created the one-and-only course on Teaching with ZOOM! Learn how to use the tool to wow, educate, and engage your audience…oh, and go LIVE on Facebook too! Get zoomin’ >>> Go.lindsaympadilla.com/zoomcourse

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Kalyani Pardeshi

Kalyani Pardeshi has created Jazzy In Jeans – a 7 day combined Indian vegetarian/non vegetarian meal framework with a 30 page recipe workbook as well as a 2 week no equipment and minimal space required, do at home workout program with a workout calendar so that you can glide into your beloved pair of jeans effortlessly. Check it out here ===>>> https://www.activmommas.com/yes-i-want-to-be-a-part-of-the-jazzy-in-jeans-mission-possible-bootcamp/

Mai Sirry

Mai Sirry has created a Self-Sabotage Quiz which will help you find out which of the six common types of self-sabotage is your prominent type and tips on how to overcome it so you can really get to work on your creative, business and life goals. Check it out here: http://www.maisirry.com/self-sabotage-quiz/

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Kusha Kalra

Kusha Kalra has created the most powerful + proven + easy to implement Do-it-yourself Firestarter Framework Mini Course to rid you of success repelling unwanted thoughts, worries and self -doubts, so that you can get back in groove without having an emotional meltdown while you attract your dream clients with unbeatable confidence. Check it out here: http://www.happylives.co.in/firestarter-framework/

Eloise Ansell

Eloise Ansell has created the 11 Keys to Upgrade Your Intuition mini-course which is the fastest way to upgrade your intuition so you can make confident decisions fast without the “ummmm”, “ahs” and “WTFs” of a confused mind. Get closer to a vibrant, authentic life, from the comfort of your bed, with her 11 keys mini-course. You can check it out here https://eloiseonline.flourishment.co.uk/11-keys-overview

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Colleen Kochannek

Colleen Kochannek has created the easiest, most usable, experienced-backed and sure-to-get-results Resume Rescue System in the universe. If you’re tired of NOT getting job interview invitations buy the RRS today, renovate your resume in an afternoon and get the job already:http://www.scrappyfrontier.com/resume-rescue-sales-page/

Sarah Winterbine

Sarah Winterbine has created a dream decoder course which will help you decode those weird and wacky dream symbols and unlock the mysteries hidden within your dreams, all before your morning coffee. With ten powerful lessons, you can be sure you will never look at your dreams sideways again. You can check it out here: www.sarahwinterbine.com

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Jenny Palmer

Jenny Palmer is an autism expert and has created a fast and efficient way for parents to work out what their children’s needs are and communicate them effectively to professionals. http://helpunderstandingautism.pages.ontraport.net/advocatesheet

Shari Mubarak

Shari Mubarak has created the PROPERTY INVESTING KICKSTARTER, a 3 hour mini course which helps women start and grow their property portfolio confidently and efficiently without giving in to overwhelm or losing their hard earned money. You can check it out here: http://sharimubarak.com/property-kickstarter/

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Joanna Krop

Joanna Krop has created Taming the Teacher’s Time Dragon. K-12 Teachers, forget time management that blames you for being stressed out. Get your life back from the jaws of this dragon with this powerful & teacher-centered mini-course and put a stop to your teaching job swallowing up all your time. You can check it out here http://tamingtheteacherstimedragon.valueaddon.com

Grace wyatt-Fuss

Grace wyatt-Fuss has created the 4 Bank Accounts Of Abundance which is the simplest, “duh-removing” method to hack, decode and clear your manifesting blocks so that you can influence the world around you and rapidly attract more of what you want. You can check it out here:https://gracewyattfuss.leadpages.co/4bankaccountsofabundance/

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Kathi Suprata

Kathi Suprata, Founder of Sing and Be Heard! Coaching is on a mission to make sure that all who desire to SING shall SING, one voice at a time. Join her Best Ever Singing Club, launching on April 4th to learn how to Sing Unconditionally and Forever Change the Way You Feel About Your Voice. You can check it out here: http://singandbeheardcoaching.com/my-best-ever-singing-club/

Linda Rothey

Linda Rothey has created detox4moms 5-Day Detox which helps you go from EXHAUSTED to ENERGIZED without counting calories, or spending countless hours in the grocery store hunting for ingredients you can’t even pronounce! All while eating REAL food, and embarking on a journey to a healthier and happier YOU!  http://www.detox4moms.com/

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Sasha Niala

Sasha Niala has created the FREE LIVE 5-Day Energy Detox & Booster Challenge to get you Swinging into Spring with a Radiant Body and buzzing with energy to finally tackle that pile of things-to-do you had such high hopes for checking off in style! Once upon a time, your plans came to screeching halt out of exhaustion, but after this challenge you’ll walk away feeling lighter, more energised and inspired to take action for your big goals and dreams as they start to bloom with Spring. Join here: http://bit.ly/2nnIXbB

Leanne O’Sullivan

Leanne O’Sullivan has created the Instagram Landscape and Hashtag Hike double program which will have you soaring into insta fame with ease. ThinkingInstas just for hipstas? This 3 week program will teach you the tactics to connect with your tribe, grow your reach and help you find and attract your ideal client inside Instagram. You can check it out here. http://instagramlandscape.summitschool.com.au

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Finding Freedom Guru

Addie Maes (Finding Freedom Guru) has created Unbeatable Niche, which will give you a KILLER business idea in a niche HUNGRY to buy, in 3 days or less using the [VTM] Idea Matrix. You can check it out here:


Elvy Perez Stigsby

Elvy Perez Stigsby has created “Simply Well Today” a 4 week course, which helps busy moms take back control of their health, without gimmicks or extreme measures, that leave you frustrated and you end up giving up to overwhelm. You can check it out here ==>>http://simplywelltoday.com/joinmenow/

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Marta Francesconi

Marta Francesconi has created a 10 Days Escape Plan to craft a crystal clear plan to escape your life-sucking job in 10 days by using a structured, repeatable and revolutionary step – by – step process to listen to your own intuition. You can check it out here: https://breakthecocoon.com/10daysescapeplan/

Hira Ali

Hira Ali has created The Unique & Ultimate Self-Coaching Guide; AWAKEN THE COACH WITHIN for Making Positive Behavioral Shifts using her 3 DAY-3 WHEEL SELF COACHING MODEL backed by Proven Psychology and Neuro Science Principles. Yes, You Can Go From Not Knowing Even The C of Coaching To Successfully Cultivating Your Inner Coach In Just 3 Days and that too in a Stellar Deal! Snag the deal here http://advancingyourpotential.com/self-coaching-your-self-towards-success/

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Dinorah has created the Ultimate Get More Done…By Doing Less Masterclass. In only 1 hour, you won’t sit listening to 15 minutes of introduction and only 20 minutes of material. It’s all about learning for you to implement! I’ll show you how to increase your productivity and get more consistent results in your business with proven techniques and mindset shifts used by some of the most successful individuals in the world. Sign up and don’t miss the deal for SOL Members- It really is a deal! Click > https://dmm-studio.leadpages.co/masterclass-spring-session/ (P.S. Please keep copy of your receipt and PM to send you the login information later via email)

Jo Ebisujima

Jo Ebisujima has created a the In With A Boom 90 day mastermind and accountability program for women entrepreneurs who want to hit their goals and finish the year with a BOOM https://courses.jojoebi.com/in-with-a-boom-autumn-2016/

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Monika Mundell

Monika Mundell has created “Social With Soul” for women who want to banish social media blues and blaze their way into the hearts and wallets of their people… with a revolutionary collection of done-for-you social media posts that stick and create hyper engagement! http://sparksocialwithsoul.com/get-social-with-soul-500/

Katie Woodland

Katie Woodland has created the TRUST System which supports parents to EFFORTLESSLY Implement The EXACT Steps Top Child Development Psychologist; Katie Woodland Uses To Support Parent’s To DRASTICALLY REDUCE Problem Behaviours In Their Children – In Just 8 Weeks Without Using Any Harsh Punishment Methods https://woodlandpsychservice.clickfunnels.com/sales…

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Cecilie Aslaksen

Cecilie Aslaksen has created The Chaos Converter Kit™that will help you get a home you want to live in and a life to enjoy, without becoming a neat freak or your kids’ worst nagging nightmare http://shamblestoharmony.com/chaos/


Stephanie Cronin

Stephanie Cronin has created the “Ultimate Beginners Guide to Photography” with the Female Photography Club to give women the confidence and skills to unleash their expensive cameras and take wonderful images for their children, businesses and documenting life that you will want to share and print! http://www.femalephotographyclub.com/sales-page/

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Agnes Wainman

Agnes Wainman has created the Ideal Client Intensive which helps mental health counsellors in private practice identify and connect with the clients that the love to work www.blissfulpractice.com/ideal-client-intensive

Christina Caudill

Astrologer Christina Caudill has created an intimate 5-week group course for the eclipse season where we’ll venture Through the Looking Glass and explore your destiny, dreams and visions for your future so that you can more clearly align with your higher calling and experience your true essence. http://radiantastrology.com/eclipse-destiny-circle-2/

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Maat van Uitert

Maat van Uitert has created a course that shows you a PROVEN formula to explode your visibility by leveraging the power of Google and BOOK YOUR BUSINESS SOLID – without all the teeth-grinding tech babble. http://getrankedgetpaid.com

Andrew Wayfinder

Andrew Wayfinder has a powerful, proven and guaranteed method for maxed-out executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to learn how solve ‘impossible’ problems, make the right choice and decisions you can trust and rely on (in 15 minutes or less) using the power of your genius ‘deep mind.’ deepmindandvision.com/peace/

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Samantha Kennedy

Samantha Kennedy has created the Hot Ticket program for women who want to shush the should’s, part with people-pleasing, and gain the confidence, self-trust, and bravery of a Fabulous Babe. www.thefabulousbabehotticket.com

Lorena Cárdenas

Lorena Cárdenas has created ECOnciencialos, a mini-course that helps you validate, set and plan your online green biz in 3 days – without burning down your braincells, your mental sanity or your laptop  http://econciencialos.com/acceso/

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Caroline M. Harper

Caroline M. Harper created an offering that makes MOBILE APPS possible for solopreneurs WITHOUT RAIDING YOUR KID’S COLLEGE FUND even if you are a non-techie, time-strapped entrepreneur who wanted their app done yesterday. https://semicustomapps.com/mobile-app/

Shannon Townsend

Shannon Townsend is the Get Shit Done Coach and she’s created a custom background audio track that is literally encrypted with magic & subliminal support to guarantee you sit down, work, and focus, without synthetic sounds or eye-twitch-inducing bi-neural beats. http://www.shannontownsendcoaching.com/services/focus/

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Mandy Lo Dickson

Mandy Lo Dickson will have you laughing all the way to the bank. Mandy has created a course that will stop your money drama lama from eating all your hard earned profits. Whether you are earning your first $80 or your next million “The Income Intervention” has you covered. Everything you need to grab your subconscious by the balls and increase profits by 300% in 3 weeks.http://www.theincomeintervention.com

Janie Santoy

Janie Santoy is the Soul Alignment Coach and she’s sharing with you the 7 Sacred Soul Qualities that will help you create Your Own Manifesting Formula so you don’t waste years, money, and energy testing other people’s manifestation methods that are a one-size fits all. http://janiesantoy.com/realign

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SherLynne Beach

YOU AND I KNOW THEM BY MANY DIFFERENT NAMES… little head voices ~ shoulder devil ~ negative nancy ~ inner critic ~ the brain gremlin ~ the starving b* ~ the inner b* ~ chatterbox ~ negative self talk ~ the sh*y committee ~ mind demons ~ monkey mind ~ the saboteurs ~ brain bullies ~ mind chatter ~ and any number of other names… ENOUGH ALREADY!! NOW YOU CAN WIPE THEM OUT IN UNDER three minutes EVERY TIME they hit EVEN IF you’ve tried everything else under the sun to shut them down. www.mindchattermastery.com

Annette Stephenson

Annette Stephenson has created a mastermind retreat for the rebel-hearted intuitive driven women ready to break the mold and create a six figure empire THEIR way. www.5starislandliferetreat.com

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Prerna Malik

The Easy-as-Pie eBook Marketing Recipe Book by Prerna Malik: Triple your eBook sales in half the time with ALL the plug-and-play templates and marketing tools you need to sell more with ease and effortlessness. Brimming with plug-and-play copy templates for everything from sales pages to social media updates to guest post and affiliate pitches to email funnels to affiliate swipe copy and SO much more!! https://www.contentbistro.com/easyaspie/

Dr. Donna Lee

Dr. Donna Lee is an intuitive spiritual life coach with over 15 years of experience working with women to help them heal and regain their power. her Clear Your Relationship Blocks course is her signature course designed for the woman who is ready to have a relationship and to stop wasting her time on the wrong one. http://yescourse.com/store/clear-your-relationship-blocks/

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Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec has created a program for freelancers — Become The Go-To Freelancer of Your Niche — which shows step by freakin’ step how to find, pitch, and close high-paying clients without having to face enormous competition online or offer race-to-the bottom discounts http://becomethegotofreelancer.com/join-g2f/

Janet Kafadar

Janet Kafadar has created a course to help you Create a Mini Course in a weekend  WITHOUT getting stuck in the idea-cul-de-sac, having a tech’ache, or throwing a tantrum using a 4 Pillar Idea to Profit Framework http://www.janetkafadar.com/idea-to-profit

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Michelle Brown-Droese

Michelle Brown-Droese, MBA has created The OWNmba Revenue Accelerator© class using proven tools from top MBA programs so that you can make FULLY INFORMED business decisions with confidence and make sure you are not leaving money on the table and SQUEEZING EVERY WELL-DESERVED DIME out of your business awesomeness. http://ownmba.com/optin-page/?page_id=1083

Salaam Willis

Salaam Willis has created templates and checklists, the ultimate solutions for your business, marketing, and operational needs while you implement in less than 30 days. http://salaamwillis.com/biz-solutions

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Yuliya Chernykhovskaya

Yuliya Chernykhovskaya has created an 8 week group program for health & wellness coaches that teaches you everything you need to succeed and book clients in your online wellness business so that you can plug in and play and focus on doing what you love, coachingHttp://omuniversity.co

Deborah Ager

Author Deborah Ager created a step-by-step workshop for coaches and consultants so you can start, map out, and FINALLY finish your nonfiction book to gain clients and visibility–even if you don’t know where to start and your notes are all over the place. http://bookactivationmethod.com/join/

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Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz has created a course to help even the most camera shy entrepreneur plan the photoshoot of her dreams! http://www.personalbrandingphotography.academy/

Lori Cunningham

Lori Cunningham has created THE Royalty Free Music Bank that gives you all the music you need for your brand to be instantly striking and distinctive while avoiding the same tired music of your competitors…all with the lowest price on the internet for premium licensing. http://musichealthcoach.com/musicbank/

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Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond (AKA Inky Paws) has created a course to help you make art – even if you can’t draw a stick figure! Rediscover your creativity today www.artbites.co.uk

Vaishali Nikhade

Vaishali Nikhade has created a program that shows you a PROVEN formula to nail your business idea in 3 days or less without pulling your hair out so that you don’t spend sleepless nights wondering if you have made the right choice.

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Brenda J King

Brenda J King, Ph.D. has created The Ignition Kit, a 4 module program with online support, so you can fire up your success mindset and build a strong foundation to believe in your dreams and take action http://www.brendajking.com/the-ignition-kit/

Michaele Shapiro

Michaele Shapiro, Hollywood Film Producer/Director/Cinematographer, has created a video and energy creation master class for EPIC VIDEO ROCKSTARS who are ready to rock the lives of their visionary clients worldwide – whose only access to you right now is your online video presence – using Hollywood industry secrets she learned from working behind the scenes on Oscar-winning films for 17 years – this is the page link, LIVE now.

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Jennifer Dopazo

Jennifer Dopazo designer and online strategist has created The Business Design Roadmap: a program for independent business owners to help them create a unique business model that works, get a clear understanding of their customers and create a value proposition that sells. http://thebusinessdesignroadmap.com/


Isabell is sharing Winsli Waist- Losing weight is easy, you just need to reset your cells and trick your mind.  http://winsli.com/winsli-waist-buh-bye-diets/

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Heather Prestanski

Heather Prestanski has created The Client Hatching Formula to help coaches fill their 1:1 practice gracefully without wasting money on ads, spending all day in groups, or building complicated funnels. http://clienthatchingformula.com

Evelyn Badia

Evelyn Badia is teaching How your Airbnb Reviews can Work for You. Yes, even that negative review.  http://www.evelynbadia.com/reviews-class/

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Rye Battiste

Rye Battiste has created a monthly membership site to help you cook and eat more super-tasty body-healing real foods without breaking your back or the bank (or choking down sprouted mung beans!) http://thenewschoolkitchen.com/join/

Loredana Baranga

Loredana Baranga has created the ultimate Facebook Marketing Kickstart program to help business owners and entrepreneurs supercharge their Facebook selling machine without spending months on Facebook deprived of results using her 3xC framework in 30 minutes a day.  www.fbkickstarter.com

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Julia Harris

Julia Harris has created “The Beliefs And Breakthroughs Club” the smartest and most affordable way to work with a world class coach to ditch self doubt and limiting beliefs so you finally breakthrough to a happier, calmer, more confident life.

Rochelle Barlow

Rochelle Barlow has created a program, ASL in Five to help you learn new signs, practice grammar so that it comes naturally, and retain all you’ve learned in just 5 minutes a day!

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Karolina Chic

Karolina Chic an image expert, will offer you the best DESSERT of your life in her 4 week Colour Advantage program that will show you how to choose and use colours to look attractive, build immediate trust, and create success in your personal and business life. http://colouradvantage.yourstyle.guide/sales-page/

Lauri- Ann

Lauri- Ann has created a A Done-For-You Social Media Toolkit that makes kickstarting your social media foolproof!

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Claudia has created a step-by-step course on how she negotiated a $30k raise and how you can do the same. http://trailblazingbusiness.com/sales-page-negotiate30k/

Susie Parker

Susie Parker has created a step-by-step course that will have your short napper finally “sleeping like a baby” so that you can finally take a nap yourself or binge watch Netflix. Your choice.

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Wendy has created an 6 Week step-by-step system to help you streamline your business to systematically attract, convert, and retain paying clients with ease even if you are technically challenged, suck at asking for the sale, disorganized, and overwhelmed with the busyness of growing and managing an online business using her Smart Business Success Systems Framework without losing your sanity, sleep, or health.

Dara Sklar

Dara Sklar has created “Paper Zero” – a course that shows entrepreneurs how to safely + easily tame their bookkeeping paperwork & tax prep monster by setting up a personalized, smart and secure digital organization system in under two weeks.

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