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Sold Out Launch Hall of Fame

A growing list of successful products & launches created using The Sold Out Launch System (NINE MONTH PROGRESS)


Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh has created the IMAGE TO INCOME MASTERCLASS which helps you build an authentic wardrobe to boost your confidence, make a visual impact and improve your bottom line without breaking the bank. You can check it out here:http://imagetoincome.ontrapages.com/evolve

Tiina Wilen

Tiina Wilen has created the ’Brand Creation Bootcamp’ which helps Interior & Product Designers to get their concept together, create a hot brand and attract dream customers and media opportunities without having any previous PR experience or contacts in the industry. You can check it out here: http://theavenuesociety.com/bcb

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Lisa Chuma

Lisa Chuma has created THE STORY INFUSION MASTERCLASS which helps solopreneurs master how to stand out from the sea of sameness by strategically combining their personal journey and professional experience into a compelling story that transforms how they connect + attract new clients https://lisa-chuma-brandstory.squarespace.com

Tannis LaRose

Tannis LaRose has created the Authentic Selling Foundations Masterclass which helps you kick your sales call catastrophes to the curb so that you can be booked out and have a list of people willing to wait to work with you! http://authenticsellingmasterclasses.com/

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Nick Daniel

Nick Daniel has created the Rapid-21 Video Sales Letter Masterclass, proven in split-tests to be one of the most lucrative ways to launch your product or service online. Nick’s system helps you reach a mass audience, and turn them into fervent buyers and fans. Click here to get business lift-off: http://vslmasterclass.com/rapid-21-vsl-masterclass/

Sharissa Sebastian

Sharissa Sebastian has created The Confidence Catalyst which helps professional women stand out and get noticed by being themselves even if they’re an introvert, so they feel valued and get the promotion or job they deserve. You can check it out here:http://sharissasebastian.com/confidence-catalyst/

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Liz Pabon

Liz Pabon has created the Mind Meld Method, a Revolutionary way to Squeeze More Emotional Juice into Your Copy So That You Sell at least $700 More (and Second Guess Yourself Less) in Just One-Weekend…Never suffer the agony of watching tumbleweeds roll across your screen after you’ve opened cart again. You can check it out here:http://www.mindmeldmethod.com


Neesha the “Canva Girl” has created the thumb-stopping collection of <Just Hit Publish> Facebook Posts to help busy biz owners fill up their feeds in 10 seconds or less at a price that will make them scream “Holy Mackerel!” You can check it out here: https://impactstars.com/store/

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Sherry Rothwell

Sherry Rothwell has created the Delish Diet, which helps women let go of the extra weight – without giving up the rich, creamy, sweet comfort foods they love! You can check it out here: http://www.nutritionwisdom.ca/starter-kit/

Mariah McCullough

Mariah McCullough has helped over five thousand women lose weight while still enjoying foods they love (hello pizza & cupcakes!) with her 10 Day Low Carb Challenge. Grab the challenge plan plus 30 days of support here >>>http://bit.ly/LC_Challenge_SC

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Jody Temple White

Jody Temple White has created THE W3 FACTOR PARENT-TEEN MAGIC, a secret sauce to break your family out of its tech coma and dead-end conversations without threats, bribes or interventions by Dr. Phil using simple, grab + go teen approved approaches. You can check it out here http://thew3factor.com/vip-pre-launch-welcome/

Marjan Crabtree

Marjan Crabtree has created SEO BOOST HACKS to 10X free relevant traffic to your website. SEO broken down in bite-sized tasty morsels which you can do even if you are not technical or internet savvy and even if you favour binge-watching Netflix over keyword research (don’t we all) and SEO scares you shi(r)tless. Check it out here http://www.seoboosthacks.com

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Maureen Witten

Maureen Witten has created the Emotional Eating Crash Course which helps Women stop eating their emotions in under 90 minutes- no willpower necessary! You can check it out here: http://beyourselfwellness.com/un-dieting/

Cath Hakanson

Cath Hakanson created Sex Ed Quickies to provide parents with quick, easy, age-appropriate scripts that tells them how to talk to their kids about sex with less cringe and more confidence. Check it out here with the discount code of BUSHRA:https://sexedrescue.com/sexedquickies/

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Athena Basham

Athena Basham has created Wow Factor Profile Makeover which applies psychology and dating research to attract high quality men to your online dating profile in less than a weekend. Get noticed without posting booty pics, lying about your love of wrestling and football, or writing a heart-wrenching essay. You can check it out here: http://www.bringhimcloser.com/wowfactor

Donteacia Seymore

Donteacia Seymore has created Build It. Fund It. Launch It! which helps aspiring inventors build, fund, and launch their physical product from start to finish. No more guessing, no more scouring the internet for help, this step-by-step program gives you everything you need to launch a profitable product into the marketplace without pulling out your hair in the process. You can check it out here:buildfundandlaunch.com/join

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Elsewine Rietveld

Elsewine Rietveld brings you: “Create Awesome Videos”: Create business videos that stand out, without getting overwhelmed by tech, content or equipment, even if you lack confidence and comfort in front of a camera. So you can turn your visitors into eager buyers and raving fans! You can check it out here: bit.ly/joinCAV

Ian Bower

Ian Bower has created Va Launchpad which is the most effective way to hire and train a Virtual Assistant in 3 weeks so that you can 4x your FBA business without working yourself to death even if you think your business is too small or not ready for a VA. You can check it out here

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Cindy Kennedy

Cindy Kennedy has created the “Hashimoto’s 5-Step Nurture Solution” to help Hypothyroid women Be the Boss of your own health, Take Charge of your Future and Get your Doctor to actually Listen and take you Seriously, without you feeling Intimidated or Overwhelmed. You can check it out here: http://members.hashimotos5stepnurture.com/index.php/membership-join/

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Sherri-Lee Woycik has created “The Ultimate Facebook Ads Masterclass” a 3-hour, easy to follow masterclass to get you started and to the next level with Facebook ads so you can stop wasting time and money on ads that don’t convert and more clients and customers for your business! You can check it out here: http://www.socialmediaminder.com/fbadsmasterclass

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Gosia Potoczna

Gosia Potoczna has created the RoadMap to Publicity – a free 5-day challenge which helps you start being published in your dream media outlets… even if you haven’t been published anywhere before. You can check it out https://gosia.clickfunnels.com/publicity-challenge

Yvette and Nuria

Yvette and Nuria have created the Ekka Energy Booster box which is the most efficient and healthiest way to increase your vitality so that you have energy left at the end of the day, even if you have four kids, two jobs and a family that needs to be fed! Delivered to your door. You can check it out www.ekkalife.com/energy

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Kerry Mandrek

Kerry Mandrek has created THE RAPID RESULTS ONLINE WORKSHOP to attract your perfect Clients & Customers without losing your sanity, your belief in your business or working a gazillion hours. Attract your Clients & Customers effortlessly with super sleek success strategies that will have your target audience begging you for more…And make your competitors drool with envy.

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Daire Paddy

Daire has created the Language Arsenal, the internet’s one and only method for building a lexicon that lures, so that YOU can stop shooting blanks online.

You can check it out here http://contentarsenal.com/join-language-arsenal/

Rajah Sharma

Rajah Sharma has created Chakra Energetics which helps Life, Coaches, Energy Healers & Yoga Teachers, attract ideal clients & boost their income by activating their Esoteric Energy. Energy projection is the key to money manifestation. You can check it out here http://chakraking.com/optin-page-raj-vi/?et_fb=1


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Lindsey Nelson

Lindsey Nelson has created the 5F Flight Planner which gives you the most efficient system to tackle (and finish!) ambitiously fun projects even if you only have 15 minutes a day. It’s time to harness your creative superpowers and bring your ideas to life. Check it out at www.imaginationknocks.com/5fflightplanner


Sonia Sánchez-Escuer

Sonia Sánchez-Escuer has created ‘Conquista tu Registro de Gastos’ (Conquer the skill of Expense-Tracking) which teaches people how to develop and maintain the habit of tracking their expenses without frustration even if they don´t have time or patience so that they can achieve their financial goals no matter their income. You can check it out here:


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Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor has created the TimeCode 4 Direct Sellers which is the effortless time management framework for direct sellers to design their time so they can boost their personal sales and expand their team while still having guilt-free time to binge on Netflix. You can check it out here http://bit.ly/timecode2


Kat Middleton

Kat Middleton is crazy excited to share Imaginaction for mums of young children. Reclaim your workouts and say goodbye to rugrat rebellion in 5 minutes with this take anywhere system that will elevate you to supermum status on FB, the playground, and in your children’s hearts forever…ahhh bless. Teachers and dads are loving it, too! You can love it here…. http://imaginactionland.com


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Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Rebecca Wiener McGregor created Whole Life Happy VIP Membership which helps women get off the hamster wheel of feeling gunky, overwhelmed, and stuck to feeling happy, confident, and in control. If your life and biz feel out of whack, your thoughts are the problem…have your Life Coach ON DEMAND 24/7 (think video and live stream subscription for your emotions), oodles of support, and a growing community of women wanting to make a positive ripple in the world. Learn how to join the #ripplemakers at WholeLifeHappy.com


Laurie Wright

Laurie Wright has created the Respect the QUEEN program for moms who want your children to do what you’ve asked, the first time, without yelling, bursting blood vessels or losing your sh*t! http://theemotionscoach.com/respecthequeen/


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Loreal Moss

Loreal Moss, virtual support maestro and business coach created a NO COST masterclass “Become a VA the Easy Way”

Sign up here: bit.ly/va-master-class



Hannah Ashcroft

Multi-Billion Dollar Sales Girl, Hannah Ashcroft, is ready to spill the beans and has created the Free Guide: 6 Figure Sales Made Easy! So that you can explode your sales, sell with speed, ease and absolutely no sleaze every single day without feeling uncomfortable or breaking into a nervous sweat when it’s time to put on your ‘sales’ hat!

Grab your free guide here:


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Carolyn Caputo

The easiest way to discover what sets you apart, master your messaging and get radically clear on the movement you were born to create WITHOUT hustling your tushie off, going broke or niching yourself into a box hoping your ideal clients will notice you. That’s exactly what you’ll get in the Radical Clarity Mini Course with Carolyn Caputo. —> www.unordinarylife.com/radicalminicourse


Tanika Mason

Tanika Mason has created “The Sexy Confidence Formula Workshop” which helps you to tap into and unleash your own “feel good” vibes that will lead you to more success and abundance in your life and business. (AKA more happiness, satisfaction, positive growth, freedom and money) Learn how to create your own custom sexy confidence formula in just 5 days with this workshop!

You can check it out here http://www.bit.ly/TSexyConfidenceFormula


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Ida Butwin

Ida Butwin has created Savvy Soul Method Workshop, Finally, Make Your Business Profitable in 60 Minutes LIVE! which helps you ditch the uncertainty and realize your dreams are attainable with a practical mindset practice using a business model that brings in consistent income so you know exactly what’s coming in each month, and that you feel good about!

Check it out here >> www.SavvySoulVision.com/optin


Christine Janaway

Christine Janaway has created the Essential Property Expert Survey Guide which will make you think like a Surveyor to quickly rule out a money pit property in under one hour. Fed up with spending your survey fees on duds? Stop throwing good money after bad and get the Guide here www.essentialpropertyexpert.co.uk/join/



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Renee Hribar

Renee Hribar, sales consultant, speaker & author of “Sell Like a Mother” has created SALES SUMMER CAMP for women entrepreneurs who want to get shit done in their business without sacrificing summer! You can check it out here: http://reneehribar.com/sales-summer-camp/



Gull Khan

Gull Khan reveals the insider secrets that 90% of the Law of Attraction Gurus don’t want you to know. Come and witness as she uncovers this truth to show you how YOU can instantly upgrade your Energetic Vibration, to get the Law of Attraction working in FOR YOU so that you BECOME a Manifesting Dynamite and the Envy of Neighbours, Friends and even your Family. http://secretdoortosuccess.com/manifestation-blocks/



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Christina Jandali

Christina Jandali has created Grow Your Group.

Blast through the distractions and learn the smartest way to build a raving fan base (aka Facebook Group) so you can get booked out or fill your program in 6 weeks or less without frustration, overwhelm or burnout. Check it out here:




Kimberly Holmes

Kimberly Holmes has created Confidence Upgrade which is the fastest way for Spiritually-led female creatives & entrepreneurs to activate their confidence, come out of entrepreneurial hiding, and overcome fear … without spending weeks on end affirming themselves in a mirror.

You can check it out here http://www.confidenceupgrade.com

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Islin Munisteri

Islin Munisteri has created the Five Modalities Healing Framework which is the most efficient way to stop self-sabotage, set firm boundaries, and be kinder to yourself–in a single weekend without spending hours in therapy, masterminds, or group coaching. Check it out here:


Sandra Vital and Mags Thomson

Sandra Vital and Mags Thomson have created From Zombie to Zesty, to help people who are bored of their corporate life find a career and work/life balance that better suits their needs. This 3 part course is designed to (re-)activate corporate zombies’ zest for life. You can check it out here:



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Helen Maffini

Helen Maffini has created Fly It Quiet Children’s Travel Activity packs filled with games, activities and fun which helps you travel in peace knowing your child is learning all about the culture of the country you are visiting! Perfect to do on the flight to your destination. Learning, travel and education hand in hand! You can check it out here http://www.family-travel-scoop.com/fly-it-quiet-activity-packs.html


Cindy Ball

Are you ready to put CREATIVITY TO WORK in your business and produce original ideas, products, courses & solutions to STAND OUT IN AN INTERNET SEA OF SAME-SAMES? Cindy Ball developed THE CREATIVITY CRASH COURSE, an 8 module creativity building course, to help entrepreneurs (and soon-to-be entrepreneurs) just like you blast through creative blocks, come up with more ideas than vegans eat avocados and be twice as creative by this time next week! And yes, it works even if you think you aren’t the “creative type”!


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Anna Ren

Anna Ren has created Network Into College which helps time-strapped, stressed-out parents, like you, show their children how to build genuine connections with college admissions and stand out from the sea of applicants without making a million dollar donation– so that you can feel confident that you and your child did everything you could to help them get into college – beyond grades and scores! Check it out here:


Tammy DeShaw

Tammy DeShaw, known as the Owl Teacher, has created The Teachers’ Hacks Lab which is the one and only of its kind; a collection of time-saving, engaging strategies, planning tactics, and teaching hacks to help new teachers and their classrooms become a learning powerhouse. You can check it out here:



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Sabahat Naureen

Sabahat Naureen has created the ‘7 Point Toolkit for New Managers’, which is the fastest way to become an effective 1st time manager – without panicking, working overtime or asking for ‘mental health days’ – using the Prime Potentials BrainVault.

You can get in on Early Bird Pricing here:



Natalie Wilkins

Natalie Wilkins has created the Courage Formula mini-program for time-starved mothers-to-be who are struggling with anxiety and fears around how their pregnancy might be impacting their career. This free e-course will allow you to activate your confidence and navigate work with cool, calm and ease throughout your pregnancy.

You can check it out here: https://www.thriving-parents.com/p/the-courage-formula-e-course

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Richa Jain

Richa Jain has created “Winning Website Bootcamp” a live group program for new entrepreneurs to create a winning business website that connects and converts, in just 3 weeks; so that they can create more impact, sign up more clients and make more money WITHOUT wrestling with WordPress, drowning in plugins or weeping over pixels.

Get in before 4th July at the super-sexy, absolutely-unbelievable pre-launch price of $97 only! http://thericherjane.com/website-bootcamp/

Natasha Smith

Whether you’re selling-up, just moving-in or getting your home Air BnB-ready, THE MIDAS MAKEOVER will give you the skinny on how to get the most important space in your place dressed to outstrip the competition in a weekend.

Natasha Smith created the fastest step-by-step program for busy homeowners who need to get the best version of their entryway (their home’s 1st impression) by Monday. Skip to the good bit ==>> https://www.themidasmakeover.com

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Socary Rodriguez

Socary Rodriguez has created “The Most Effective Process to Stop Struggling with your Dating Life Once and for All” – go from “Why is this happening to me?” to ” Dating is so much fun!” In just one easy step

This is a FREE workshop and you can check it out here: http://theromanticcoach.com/


Mic Boekelmann

Mic Boekelmann created THE INSANELY EASY OIL PAINTING STARTER KIT – which catapults you from stick figures to painting in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee!

Take a creative break and get your FREE easy shopping list & bite-sized projects at https://startoilpaintingnow.com/

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Svietlana has created “7 SIMPLE WAYS TO POSITION YOURSELF AS AN AUTHORITY IN A 2HOUR MINI-COURSE, EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT” So that you get more exposure, leads and sales, Connect to people who can double or even triple your business, without experiencing the failures that 90% of entrepreneurs do. You can check it out here


Christina Maree

Christina Maree has created “Your Productive Day” which helps you get on top of your to do list and reclaim 3 extra hours a day using the 4Q Technique – without burning out, losing your peace, or giving up entirely. This 3 module course is designed to help you create more time, work in harmony with your energy levels – and feel EMPOWERED again. http://www.christinamaree.com/your-productive-day/

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Sophia Lovett

Sophia Lovett is teaching a free no fluff storytelling masterclass for creatives who want more, so they can effectively connect with their audience using psychological triggers and the power of their authentic story. You can check it out here http://www.voodookiss-creative.com/storyteller

Tricia Batliwalla

Tricia Batliwalla has created the 4GoFRAMEWORK which harnesses the power of HYPNOSIS to help long time smokers to CUT YOUR SMOKING BY 50%  

Naturally, easily and without losing your Sh!t – so that in just 4 days you will be able to hold your head high and say “I KICKED THAT BUTT!”

Get the Early Bird Price and added bonus now before it launches in July.


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Melissa Blitz

Melissa Bitz has created Perfection Intervention for you brilliant but struggling female entrepreneurs: a mini-course which shows you how to declaw your inner critic, banish your procrastinator and sideline your saboteur so you can finally receive the cash, kudos and compliments you deserve without giving away your vital organs!  


Eva Cruz Pena

Eva Cruz Pena has created Courageous Fulfillment, an ALL-INCLUSIVE process to find what’s missing in your life & connect with your truth in 7 steps without having to take a sabbatical year. Get on the VIP Waitlist NOW so you don’t miss out  www.courageousfulfillment.com/vip-wait-list/

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