The Most Comprehensive Idea to Launch System that Combines Artificial Intelligence, Buyer Psychology & LAUNCH Strategies Tested Over 1,000+ Launches Across 150+ Industries

And it comes with 3 Guarantees


GUARANTEED: The Last Business Building Course You Will Ever Buy

Because it’s not a course, it’s a complete end to end system & it’s dynamically updated. It is not just a bunch of videos but a full set to tools, templates, support, done for you stuff and the most science-backed, battle-tested, psych-approved system you will ever witness.

Also, once you join, you get lifetime access to all updates, all upgrades, all optimizations. Forever.


GUARANTEED: You Will Become Recession-proof, Objection-proof and Competition-proof

Using the shortest most effective path to launching so that you don’t spend hours (weeks, months…even years) planning, wondering & losing your mind. Instead, you can just use this plug and play system with the tech, graphics, email, social media posts, sales page templates heck even your ads..and just transplant it in your launch. No thinking, wondering, second-guessing yourself, no needing to invest 10 grand for a coach, custom website or mastermind. Just trusting the system, taking actions that GET results and making lots of money…all in one fell swoop


GUARANTEED: No Need for Any Previous Experience, Email List or Social Media Presence.

You don’t need to know marketing, product-creation, list-building, copywriting, design..nothing at all. It’s a system that doesn’t just give you the WHAT but shows you the HOW and actually does most of the heavy-lifting for you.
I’ll show you every trick, tactic, and technique you need to know, I will give you time-tested strategies optimized to be effective today, I will show you (not just tell you) how to create hyper-profitable products from scratch at jaw-dropping speed.

Enter: The Revolutionary New Psychology-Backed System to Create, Launch and Sell Out Your Online Product In a MATTER OF DAYS

(without losing your sanity, your dignity or your belief in human decency)

Even if you have taken a zillion other courses (but never finished any)
Even if you think you have seen & done it all (with no results)
Even if you have 2 hours a day to work on your launch (& no budget to hire a coach, mentor, designer, *insert other useless must-have* )
Even if you think the internet is a dirty messy place that only favors the BIG GUNS (& you are decidedly NOT a big gun or ANY gun)

Steal my strategies, nab my systems, copy my step-by-step tactics, learn from thousands of my students, use my word for word scripts, deploy my done-for-you slide-decks and swipe my never-before-shared mindset breakthroughs that fuel my own multi-million dollar business — not just that, my entire course development system, sales strategies, step-by-step processes, launch blueprints, and hard-won secrets I’ve built over 6+ years of business and hundreds of product launches.
All Yours, Right Now.


No Modules, No Theory, No Fluff
A series of learn & done workshops



At the end of this workshop,  you will be able to create every single piece of promotion copy you need in under 2 hours.

Using my Hell Yes Matrix, you will be able to create all your launch pages in mere minutes. 

  • Sales Page: Follow The Hell Yes Matrix to craft a sales page just like this one. The exact structure, hooks and urgency points that make a killer sales page
  • Optin Page: A simple (proven) formula to create an optin page that converts 60%+ of the cold traffic into subscribers (and loyal fans)

Using my SOL Buzz Generation CookBook, you will be able to create everything from ads to social media posts to emails to punchy one-liners that pull people in.

  • Why Me Content: How to create an instant connection with your readers and establish you as THE subject-matter expert.
  • Why You Content: How to step inside your buyer’s brain and speak to them in their language. It’s almost scary how powerful this one is and how few people actually bother with it. 
  • Why This Content: I will share a formula that serves two core purposes; priming people for the sale AND delivering massive value while creating a frenzy of excitement so that people BEG you to sell to them.
  • Why Now Content: Moving people “I’ll buy when I have time” to “I Want this NOW!” happens right here. 
  • Why No one Else Content: This is where you go ALL IN on your differentiation, what sets you apart, why you are better and sexier than the other options.



This is where we start feeding your “launch machine” with perfectly targeted free & paid traffic by putting your message in front of an audience primed to buy from you. 
Here’s what you get: 

Assess the pros & cons of the 11 free & paid traffic methods and my recommended mix for maximum impact without breaking the bank.

Persuasive Blogging 101: How to research, outline and create your viral-worthy blog post & launch content in under 45 minutes

A step by step training on how to find and target the RIGHT audience for your Facebook ads

10 Psychological hooks that you can use to write the copy for your Facebook ads (one of these got me a 9% click through rate)

A step by step, goof-proof training on using Facebook Ads Manager to create your high performing Facebook ads. We will talk pixels, custom audiences and all that tech gibberish that scares you so much and I will actually make it fun



Your Core Product Creation: You will be able to create your own product in under 48 hours using my product creation system that is like course creation on steroids. This is the exact process I use to create so much quality content in so little time.

Your Launch Trigger Creation: You will be able to create your webinar, sales call or livestream in less than 3 hours using my templates & slide decks.

Your Downloadable Creation: You will be able to create your ebooks, cheat sheets, downloadables & learning materials in less than 2 hours using my graphics templates & shortcuts.



Coming up with a sticky name is hard. It takes a lot of scribbling, scrawling, brainstorming, crossing out and re-starting.

At the end of this workshop you will know how to use brain science to come up with sticky, memorable, attention-snatching names for:
Your business
Your course
Your product
Your webinar
Your Ebook
Your offering
Your community or your secret sauce

Fuel Your Sold Out Launch With These Two Mega-Powerful Softwares That Take All The Guesswork Out

Artificial Intelligence Meets Machine Learning Meets Future Focussed Technologies  

Mega-Powerful Game-Changer Software 1

What is it?
The First-Ever AI Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Sold Out Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes Using Future Focussed Technologies & Time Honed Persuasion Principals
What Does it Do?
Finding your idea, validating your idea, testing your who + offer match, creating your rejection proof offer along with the pricing, bonuses, urgencies & components, setting your launch goals and creating your entire Sold Out Launch Plan…all in a matter of minutes.

60 Second Copy Generator- 12 months access worth $1,000

What is it?
60 Second Copy Generator is the First Ever One-click Copy Generating Software that Creates Super-persuasive, High-converting, Personality-infused Copy in 60 seconds or less.

What Does it Do?
It allows you to create rejection-proof, dismissal-proof, and objection-proof copy for all your launch needs.
The launch promo copy (for webinars, challenges, free calls everything)
The Webinar reminder copy 
The Webinar replay copy 
The Pitch copy, the Nudge copy, the Last call copy 
Done & Dusted
In less than 60 minutes

This is your chance to use the psychology of persuasion in all your emails, sales page, social media everywhere ….tinkering with the emotions, brains, inherent biases & triggers of your buyers. Without having to write a single word yourself


Done for you website, done for you slide decks, done for you graphics..., swipe files, templates & tools you need for your launch pages, social media content, blogging content, videos, webinars…you name it. Unlimited access to a library of templates and graphics that you can download and customize to fit your launch needs. Done for you slide-decks for webinars, courses & livestreams. Plus your very own professionally designed website..ALL DONE FOR YOU.


A complete, ready-made, plug-and-play website for your launch, fully customizable to match your needs and brand installed for you on your own domain - every page, every plugin, every design - so you don't need to worry about any tech stuff. Plus 12 months of 5-star FREE hosting with backups, SSLs and every plugin you will ever need.

Your Full website & funnel with:

  • Home + About Page
  • Blog
  • Services & Contact Page
  • Freebies Page
  • Lead Generation & Thank You Page
  • Sales Page

Pre-written, copy-customize-paste social media posts for ALL your launch needs depending on your launch path. Whether you are on Nimble, Loaded or Full Throttle Path, every promo piece you need is provided pre-written.

  • Create an instant connection with your readers and build Know Like Trust
  • Create a frenzy of excitement & hysteria around your launch.
  • Move people from “I’ll buy when I have time” to “I Want this NOW!”
  • Prime people for the sale AND deliver massive value while creating a frenzy of excitement so that people BEG you to sell to them

Done for you slide-decks for webinars, courses & livestreams

  • My exact slide deck for high converting killer webinars with a pre-written pitch so you never have to wonder what to say
  • My exact slide deck & sequence for lucrative 
livestreams so you get unbelievable engagement & even more unbelievable sales
  • My exact slide deck for masterclasses/mini-courses (that allow you to put together a master class in 48 hours)
  • My exact slide deck for a 3 part video series/webinar series/challenge series so you know exactly how to structure it for maximum sales

Unlimited access to a library of templates and graphics that you can download and customize to fit your launch needs- You can use this resource and create ALL your launch graphics in 3 hours:

  • Social media graphics

  • Image quotes

  • Branded pictures customizable for all platforms

  • Website headers

  • Facebook cover photos
-Facebook ads

  • Marketing materials

Never Launch Alone: The Coaching, The Accountability, The Support

Don’t just LEARN, don’t just get it DONE but also EARN..rewards, cash prizes, spotlights & more.
There is no better way to leverage people’s own brains against themselves to get them to complete the course, launch their thing and recoup their investment.

10 Full Weeks of Marathon Style Launch Support & Accountability - WORTH $3,000

10 Full Weeks of Marathon Style Launch Support & Accountability to get you launched & sold out. You will be divided into Harry Potter style houses and you earn points & prizes based on individual and house performance. 90% of the people who participated in Summer of Sold Out were all launched & making money and so will you after this Sold Out marathon.


10 Bullet Coaching Sessions with Bushra to make sure you stay on track. Bushra will answer questions, offer encouragement and some gentle booty-kicking when you aren’t doing the work. She'll be like your booboo-kisser, your hand-holder and your ass-kicker all rolled into one.


You already get your fully customisable website installed FOR you by our tech partner but this weekend is meant to kick that website into shape and turn it into a cash generating, buyer getting machine!
You will spend one full weekend with our tech team and once you are done, your website will be ready for your launch, With unlimited access to a tech ninja, this opportunity alone will make you #impossibletofail


At the end of our 10 weeks together, you’ll have a new product ready to launch in your business. Plus, you’ll have a new superpower that you can use over and over again and you’ll have the unique ability to slip effortlessly into the mind of your customer, extract their emotional hot buttons, and turn their every desire into instant product ideas. This is the program that takes your business…
From “umm maybe” to “I want this”
From “lukewarm” to “SOLD OUT”
From “nice” to “hallelujah”
From “poop brown” to “blazing red”
From “lackluster” to “freakin' intergalactical”


So many other launch courses, why should I buy from you?

You should if you know what’s good for you but you don’t have to. People make lame decisions all the time (that’s how we learn) but it’s YOU who has to weigh the price of that decision and then live with that price. Also, I’m brainy & funny & I like to nerd out on buyer psychology.

Will this really work for me?

Yes, it will. Period, full stop. End of story.

How quickly will I see results and will I make a million dollars?

Let us be honest….extremely fast action takers WILL see almost immediate results. Slower than molasses implementers may see painfully slow results! Are you a doer or a talker? That is the bottom line. I can give you the tools (and bug you to use them) but I can’t do the work for you. You get what you put in! Million dollars won’t make themselves ya know!

Do I have to be a good at selling to do this?

No. You can simply take my stuff & deploy it immediately - no need to get creative if your goal is to get immediate sales. But just going through this process with me, you will become better at this until one day , very soon, you won't need my templates at all. That will be my ultimate goal for you.

Can I trust you to help me?

No, I like to slow-roast kittens over an open fire and might even steal your children.

Will it work for me if I am a Buddhist monk or a porn artist?

These techniques work in every industry no matter how obscure. If you have knowledge that you want to share online, this system will get you there. Whether you wish to create an ebook or a multi-module course, this will get you there. Bottom line: You do the work and this system will get you the results. Although if you are a porn artist, perhaps you can teach ME a few things….you know for research purposes.

What if I have no list, no audience NOTHING? 

That's a GOOD thing because now you can create the right list; a list of BUYERS, not freebie hunters

Repeat after me: Launches GROW Lists

I myself started with ZERO people on my list & now I have a 50,000+ people list with about 20% of them being BUYERS, all because of the system I share in Sold Out Launch.

What if I don't have enough time?

I used the system I'm teaching you to build a million-dollar business while still working my offline gig. Tons of SOLers have created & launched their offers in ONE WEEKEND because of my unrelenting focus on Money Loves Speed.

The system is so straightforward and there's so much support that it will take you half the time to do the work.

When you make time, the time makes you. Just stick to the system, do it once and reap benefits forever.

How do I know Sold Out Launch NITRO is a right fit for me?

It is if you fall into any of these categories, then you know it is a right fit for you:

1- You are dipping your toes in this whole online business thing, not sure where to start yet

2- You have an idea about what you want to build my business around but not sure about much else

3- You have taken a bunch of courses so you have all the knowledge but not exactly sure how to put that into action

4- You have an existing business with some sales and audience but looking to make it bigger, better and so much more badass

5- You have a thriving business and an engaged audience but looking to add more revenue streams and making sure you are positioned to thrive in the changing economy

What if I am a tech noob?

GOOD! That's why we take care of that for you (including your own website installed FOR YOU without lifting a finger) , you can be a total tech noob and still have your offer up & running in mere hours. Like everything I do, I have made tech FUN and easy because #lazyAF

No one is less techie than I am and I managed to do everything on my own, just as you would after you are done with the Sold Out Launch Full Throttle.

What if I am in a crowded market?

Even When everyone zigs, you gotta zag and this system gives you the biggest ZAG you will ever witness plus gives you every tool to set yourself apart by using the psychology of persuasion.

NOW is your chance to rule the market, not take just a part of the market share but dominate the market and Sold Out Launch Full Throttle shows you how to do just that.

How much time will I need to spend on it?

As much time as you have. The very first step of the system is to decide for yourself how much time you can dedicate to this and then choose a launch path & offer that is possible in the available time.
Typically for a Nimble path product, you will be spending 2-3 hours a week on offer development & launch promotions. For a Full Throttle product, you will be spending maybe five times that. However, for someone just starting out, the recommended path is the Nimble path that can actually be done even if you are in a full time job right now.

Why can’t I just plan my launch myself?

Of course you can. But here’s the thing, I have spent hundreds of hours learning, tweaking, testing and actually seeing the results you wish for…all because I use psychology of persuasion in my launches.

You can either see this as a once-in-a-blue moon opportunity to get your hands on this goldmine or you can sit at your computer humming and hawing over what to say, when to say and how to craft the perfect message….sometimes winning, mostly losing and risking letting thousands of dollars slip from your pretty fingers in the process.

How do I convince my husband/wife/partner to let me buy this product?

Bring them to one of Bushra’s sessions and just ask them “if this is the kind of stuff she is giving for free, imagine what she would give to her paying students”

Also, if your husband/wife/partner supports your dreams and trust your judgment in what’s needed for you to realize your dreams, you should not have to convince them, they should convince YOU to go for it.

"Bushra please show me how to create sold out offers, so I don't have to keep pretending I have a business when I actually have is a hobby that sucks all joy out of me & makes me want to punch a kitten"

I'll Show You How To Create & Launch Offers that will add multiple zeroes to your bank account even if the idea of selling makes you want to lock yourself in an attic full of murder hornets
Sold out launches = spontaneous dancing in your undies

Just like these rockstars


  • Access to All Workshops of All-New Sold Out Launch NITRO that covers everything from product creation to Facebook ads to sales pages (copy + design) to launch emails to webinars to blogging to everything you can ever need +  Access to 20+ worksheets, swipe files, formulas and templates PLUS turbo execution guides to make launching an effortless & enjoyable activity VALUE $ 2,000
  • Lifetime Access to Launch Nitro: The First-Ever AI Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Sold Out Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes Using Future Focussed Technologies & Time Honed Persuasion Principals VALUE $ 2,000
  • One Year Access to 60 Second Copy Generator: The First Ever One-click Copy Generating Software that Creates Super-persuasive, High-converting, Personality-infused Copy in 60 seconds or less VALUE $ 1,000
  • A complete, ready-made, plug-and-play website & funnel for your launch including the membership site + predesigned pages, fully customizable to match your needs and brand installed for you on your own domain – every page, every plugin, every design – so you don’t need to worry about any tech stuff- + 12 Months FREE hosting on a 5 star server- VALUE $ 1,000
  • Access to SOL Graphics Package: Unlimited access to a library of templates and graphics that you can download and customize to fit your launch needs- VALUE $500
  • Access to Full Throttle Pioneers Community: The community that keeps everyone on track, where you get to ask me, tag me, get answers and engage with other SOL champions- VALUE $1,000
  • 10 Full Weeks of Marathon Style Launch Support & Accountability to get you launched & sold out.  VALUE $3,000
  • Bullet Coaching with Bushra to make sure you stay on track. Bushra will answer questions, offer encouragement and some gentle booty-kicking when you aren’t doing the work. VALUE $3,000
  • Launch In a Weekend (WEBSITE): You will spend one full weekend with our tech team and once you are done, your website will be ready for your launch. VALUE $2,000
  • Done for you slide-decks for webinars, challenges & livestreams (these are all my own templates used to generate millions of dollars in my business now offered to you pre-written, pre-designed ready to use)- VALUE $2,000
  • Pre-written, copy-customize-paste ads & social media posts for ALL your launch needs (these are all my own words I used to generate millions of dollars in my business)- VALUE $2,000


You can join right now for a tiny percentage of the total value

10% of all sales are used to feed & educate street children in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. So far, we have managed to get almost 4,000 children off the streets and provided them with education, vocational training and the chance of a better future.

Sold Out Launch Works. Period, Full Stop. End of Story.

I know programs that have been on the market for 5, 10, heck 15 years and have less than 50 case studies.  Sold Out Launch, on the other hand has 400+ case studies across 150+ industries. Why? Because I take your investment & trust very seriously and will do whatever it takes to get you sold out. Results Typical.

Davina Detrik


Our first launch using SOL got us a sales revenue of $44,286, selling a photography class to dentists, with a small list of a few hundred people and zero ad spend.

Holly MacCue

Sales & Messaging Coach

Had a 50% live webinar attendance rate, and 73% stayed until the end.
Unfortunately in the last ten mins had tech issues where no one could see my screen or hear me. That didn’t stop me making 8 sales on the spot ($1567) with a ton of people in the chat asking me to send them the link.

Jonathan Tilley

Personal Brand Strategist

I had a following and a course, but no idea how to sell it to them. After an unsuccessful first launch, a friend told me about Bushra. I bought SOL, and my business took off. I made $50K without any ads and spent about $4K on video production. The Bbest part? I spent half of the launch on a beach!

One Last Thought..

The World Just Hit a HARD RESET

And the champions, losers & beginners have all gone back to the start line.

This means that your time to start, grow or expand beyond all imagination has finally come..the playing field has levelled.

You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after coaches, programs, masterminds…hoping they will help you crack the code of online business, but we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to NOville….
You can try to go at this on your own…it might work…actually it will work better than what you have been doing…
but something tells me “better” isn’t good enough…right?
Or get the everything-included SOLD OUT LAUNCH NITRO SYSTEM that gets you up & launching (AND profiting) without hiring & piecing together a million other things so that you can have a sustainable, successful, hugely profitable business in a matter of days

One year from today, you're either going to be the same old vaguely desperate, overwhelmed YOU, or a walking talking homage to the power of human will.

The choice is yours.




Using Sold Out Launch, I was able to expand past my circle and bring in new people to my world and sold $323,915 worth of services & coaching. I followed Bushra's system to a T and it was so easy to target a completely cold audience because it reduces the stress and overwhelm, and takes the guesswork out of it.


 /  Facebook Ads Ace


I Spent $127 on Facebook Ads & made $8,000. I’d had three crappy launches before and made a total of 1500 dollars. Following this system, I more than tripled my results. I’m from the Dominican Republic and speak Spanish. You don’t have to be from the US or UK to succeed, you just need a solid system.

Gianny Liranzo

/ Award Winning Blogger & Coach


I used The Sold Out Launch webinar template today and closed $1000 in sales!
Received 5 orders from 20 people who were live on the webinar when I made my offer. That's an insane conversion rate.


/ Founder & CEO at Quanisha Green 

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