Based On Your Diagnostic Assessment, We Recommend the Following Custom Launch Plan & RoadMap For You

There are three parts to this roadmap; your most Optimal Launch Plan, your Sold Out Launch Readiness & your Recommended Timeline

Your Sold Out Launch Readiness Score

There are three key components of a Sold Out Launch; Your offer, your audience & all the launch assets you need to get the offer in front of that audience. Based on your diagnostic assessment we see the below as your readiness score for each one of these components.


Your Idea, Who & Offer


Your Audience & Perception


Your Launch Assets

Your Recommended Launch Plan From

October 2021 to May 2022


Oct - Nov

Build Authority Positioning by sharing your offer distinction & Unique Signature System, which inevitably leads to audience building & being seen as THE choice in the marketplace.

Dec - Jan

Launch your Optimized Nimble or Loaded Offer (course, coaching, service or hybrid) launched with the intention to maximize revenue from your existing audience and cement your status as a subject-matter expert.

Feb - March

Your Full Throttle offer with the intention to ascend people to the next level in your offer portfolio. Offer Nimble as a downsell after if ready or put them on a wait list for the next launch.

April - May

Go all in with a Nimble offer (course, coaching, service or hybrid) launched with the intention to build a list of buyers that you can ascend to Loaded & Full Throttle through the year

  • Cash Capacity: Online Course Offer $50,000-$100,000
  • Cash Capacity: Coaching Offer $100,000-$120,000
  • Cash Capacity: Service or Done For You Offer $100,000-$120,000
  • Cash Capacity: A Hybrid Offer $150,000-$170,000

These numbers are only indicative and vary greatly based on how closely you follow the system, your industry, the number of offers you put out and how much time, money & effort you put in to grow & nurture your audience. None of these are a guarantee of income, not do we claim you will make this amount. We can only give you the tools, support & a system, what you do with the tools is up to you.

Your Recommended Sold Out Launch Timeline

Sold Out Launch Timeline

Week One

Lock Your Offer’s Type, Unique Promise, Mode of Delivery & Pricing

Tool Used: Launch Nitro- The First-Ever AI  Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Sold Out Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes Using Future Focussed Technologies & Time Honed Persuasion Principals

Week Two

Craft Your Final Offer Along with All Components, Bonuses & Urgency Markers

Tool Used: Launch Nitro- The First-Ever AI  Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Sold Out Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes Using Future Focussed Technologies & Time Honed Persuasion Principals

Week Three

Generate Your Full Launch Plan & Checklist

Tool Used: Launch Nitro- The First-Ever AI  Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Sold Out Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes Using Future Focussed Technologies & Time Honed Persuasion Principalsa

Week Four

Craft All Your Promotional Assets

Tool Used: 60 Second Copy Generator: The First-Ever One-click Copy Generating Software that Creates Super-persuasive, High-converting, Personality-infused Copy in 60 seconds or less

Week Five

Create Your Launch Assets

Tool Used: Done for Your Slide Decks & Templates For Webinars, Livestreams & Sales Calls. Pre-Designed Launch Website with all plugins, daily backups & free hosting

Week Six

Develop Your Product

Tool Used: Pre-designed Course Blueprint & Learning Material Shortcuts. Templates for coaching & co-creation offers.

Week Seven

Develop Your Traffic Strategy

Tool Used: Paid & Free Traffic Training with Pre-written Plug & Play Social Media Updates & Ultimate Graphics Bundle

Week 8-10

Press Play On Your Launch

Tool Used: Coaching, Accountability, Weekend Intensives & Launch Incentives for 10 Weeks


Pop a Bubbly

Tool Used: A passion for fun & an unrelenting focus on providing value for your people so they become lifelong fans & repeat buyers


At the end of our 10 weeks together, you’ll have a new product ready to launch in your business. Plus, you’ll have a new superpower that you can use over and over again and you’ll have the unique ability to slip effortlessly into the mind of your customer, extract their emotional hot buttons, and turn their every desire into instant product ideas. This is the program that takes your business…
From “umm maybe” to “I want this”
From “lukewarm” to “SOLD OUT”
From “nice” to “hallelujah”
From “poop brown” to “blazing red”
From “lackluster” to “freakin' intergalactical”

"Bushra please show me how to create sold out offers, so I don't have to keep pretending I have a business when I actually have is a hobby that sucks all joy out of me & makes me want to punch a kitten"

I'll Show You How To Create & Launch Offers that will add multiple zeroes to your bank account even if the idea of selling makes you want to lock yourself in an attic full of murder hornets
Sold out launches = spontaneous dancing in your undies

Just like these rockstars

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