Sub-Zero to $10 Million: A Live 5-Day live challenge where I am sharing everything that has allowed me to go from a big fat zero to $10 Million in sales

Give me 5 Days & I will give you every offer, every promo, every campaign,  every launch, every tool & every persuasion strategy I have personally used in my journey from a big fat zero to $10,000,000

In every session over a 5 day period, there will be tactical, actionable do-this-skip-that instructions for you to implement, there will be a smash list for you to smash and there will be prizes…yep!

Here’s What The 5 Day Challenge Covers

  1. 1

    Day One March 22, 2021- The First $1,000:

    The offers, promos, traffic strategies & tools I used to start from sub-zero with no connections, no list, nothing and how I got that elusive first sale. You will also get a Turbo Execution Guide to do the same thing in your business.

  2. 2
    Day Two March 23, 2021-The First $10,000:

    The exact offers I made, how I promoted the same offers, and how I got people to say HELL YES to these offers. One of my clients actually recently used this very system to get her own $10,000 week so in case you are wondering if this works in a post-corona world, the answer is yes it does.

  3. 3

    Day Three March 24, 2021- The First $100,000

    There is literally one simple thing that made me cross the $100,000 mark in less than a year and it’s just the kind of thing you should consider adding to your business if you want results fast.

  4. 4

    Day Four March 25, 2021- The First $1,000,000

    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need fancy stuff to go from 6 figures to 7, you also don't need a massive team, tons of overheads or an entire entourage of affiliates. What you need is a portfolio of products created in a way that each product creates hunger for the next and so on. I will show you exactly how I did that and how you can do the  matter the industry you are in.

  5. 5

    Day Five March 26, 2021- The First $10,000,000

    Most eight-figure business owners will tell you to spend $9,990,000 to make $10,000,000 and in their warped reality, it somehow makes sense BUT there are much easier & cheaper ways to get to that elusive eight figure mark and none of those involve offering your firstborn as fast action bonus.  If you want to learn from someone who has gotten to this point without spending half of her earnings on affiliate commission, paid ads or other fancy nonsensical crap that only feeds egos not bank accounts, then this is the day for you.

Who Am I & Why You Should Listen to Me?

Hey, I’m Bushra,  your launch sensei, and a mad scientist when it comes to sold-out launches, consumer psychology and creating awe-inspiring rejection proof offers that make people want to throw their wallets at your face.

I have created this live event based on my experience working with thousands of people, generating millions of dollars, and seeing in real-time how buyer behaviors have changed in the last few months. The personalized strategies you will get here are based on my own real-time-relevant-right-now experience and are things that all businesses need in order to survive, thrive & downright dominate their industries in a post-corona world.


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