FREE 5 Day Challenge Reveals How to Build a Recession-Ready, Fully Sold-Out Business Using the Power of Intuitive Cognition, Buyer Psychology & Micro-Economic Triggers

In this live challenge, you get your hands on my entire business building system; from strategy to planning to creating massive hype to using buyer psychology in your business. A system that’s been tested & optimised over 8+ years in business, $12+ Million in sales, 1000+ success stories, 10,000+ students and 140+ products.


You missed out!

All You Need is 5 days…10 Hours total. That’s 0.1% of the whole entire YEAR.

Can you give your business 0.1% of the whole year and walk away with everything you need to make a truckload of cash even with the looming economic changes?

Sold Out From Scratch- Day One

A primer in buyer psychology that gives you the easiest, coolest idea validation system. A system that virtually guarantees you will create offers that sell themselves.

Sold Out From Scratch- Day Two

7 objection-proof, rejection-proof, dismissal-proof offers that eat your competitors for breakfast (and make you at least $10K)

Sold Out From Scratch- Day Three

7 brain-expanding, life-changing launch models that will create a frenzy of likes, shares & just mad hysteria around your launch so that all you hear is your name wherever you turn.

Sold Out From Scratch- Day Four

The Sold Out In 7 system to create all your launch assets in less than SEVEN hours. This has been hands down the absolute best thing I ever did in my business, and the amount of money I have made doing 20% of what others do (but that gave me 80% of my results) still boggles my mind.

Sold Out From Scratch- Day Five

Your 1,000 Repeat Buyers ( who will happily, excitedly, eagerly pay you for your expertise…and will do so over and over again)

This Isn't Your Typical Sell-Pitch-Stab-Die FREE Challenge

What I teach is backed by science & It bloody works, period, full stop, end of story.


I'm Bushra!

A self-made multimillionaire, your launch sensei, and a mad scientist when it comes to sold-out launches, consumer psychology and creating awe-inspiring rejection proof offers that make people want to throw their wallets at your face.

I have created this live event based on my experience working with thousands of people, generating millions of dollars, and seeing in real-time how buyer behaviors have changed in the last few months.

The personalized strategies you will get here are based on my own real-time-relevant-right-now experience and are things that all businesses need in order to survive, thrive & downright dominate their industries in the looming recession.

Intuitive cognition + buyer psychology + micro-economic triggers = A Recession-Ready Sold-Out Business 

Even if you have a hundred courses rotting in your hard drive
Even if you have tried the coaching, the masterminds, the retreats but nothing to show for it
Even if you are so busy you need someone to scratch your back for you
Even if you are downright horrid at sales and pitching makes you want to puke in your purse.
Even if you have tried & failed before..more than once
Even if right now you have no idea, no clue, no hope


Sold Out From Scratch

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