Your are a Sold Out Launch Lovebird

Doors Open on September 21st, be on the lookout because WE SELL OUT FAST! 
When I open the doors, those who are on the Lovebird list actually get to join at a 30% discount PLUS a chance to work with me on something I am calling Bushra-From-Scratch…yep strange, cryptic and even a little creepy.

NEXT STEP- Join Me For #SoldOutin7 & Let's Put Your Personalized Launch Strategy into Action in Seven Days FLAT

Join me for #SoldOutin7, a 7 Day incentive-based boot camp kicking off super soon. This will be 7 days of diving deeper into everything you need to be ready to be sold out in 7 days flat.

Every day there will be tactical, actionable do-this-skip-that instructions for you to implement, there will be a smash list for you to smash and there will be cash prizes, every single day for seven days straight. BECAUSE NOTHING LIKE A SHAMELESS BRIBE TO GET YOUR ASS INTO GEAR.

Here’s What #SoldOutin7 Looks Like

  1. 1
    #SoldOutin7- DAY ONE Your Cash-Pumping Idea (that sells now and forever amen) Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes
  2. 2
    #SoldOutin7- DAY TWO Your Who & Your WTF (because ideal buyer profiles are so 2019). Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes
  3. 3
    #SoldOutin7- DAY THREE Your Unique AF Rejection-Proof Offer (so people throw their wallets at your face) Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes
  4. 4
    #SoldOutin7- DAY FOUR Nailing Your Pricing, Positioning, Naming (for unignorable brand presence) Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes
  5. 5
    #SoldOutin7- DAY FIVE Your Buzz Generation Strategy (so you spread like wildfire but without the destruction & doom) Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes
  6. 6
    #SoldOutin7- DAY SIX Your Launch Content Strategy (that takes hours, not days or weeks to implement) Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes
  7. 7
    #SoldOutin7- DAY SEVEN Your Sold Out Launch Calendar & Checklist (so you can plan out everything in less than an hour) Plus a Chance to Win Cash Prizes

Join Me As I "Lift the Bonnet" On This Launch

I am documenting my whole entire launch on WhatsApp so if you want to see behind the scenes of a brand-new launch where I am creating everything from scratch, the content, the videos, the emails, social media posts, and even the entire course content, and I am creating all of it myself, you should join me on WhatsApp.  I have never done anything like this and not sure I ever will again.

If you want to peek behind the bonnet of a crazy but also super-lean and uber-profitable launch, you can join me on WhatsApp (click the button below and when the chat opens just send me a message saying ALL IN)

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