I can not wait to see your lovely face at the live session

Lock Your Calendar So You Don't Miss This Once-in-a-Pandemic Opportunity

I can not wait to see your lovely face at the live session. Make sure to mark your calendar so you can join early and hog your spot, we have limited spots on the live webinar and only those who show up early get to attend. Also, no replays so you MUST make time & then come hang out with me LIVE

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I am a Persuasion Strategist and Creator of Sold Out Launch System that has been tested & Optimized over 600+ Launches across 90+ Industries
I started my business in 2014 and managed to go from an absolute nobody to making almost $5+ million in less than 5 years, all through the power of persuasion. My students have used my persuasion hacks to make millions of dollars while slashing their ad budgets by 80% and from lists of less than 100 people.

I am also an international bestselling author with a #1 Best Seller book on Selling & Consumer Behaviour.

Bushra Azhar